What’s StuffDOT?

StuffDOT is a free social media and shopping site that provides Cash Back when users post products and shop online.

How does it work?

Step 1: Dot the stuff you love from around the web

Step 2: Earn Cash Back, plus cash back on your own purchases

Step 3: Repeat!

What's a dot?

Dots are items posted to StuffDOT by our users. Anyone can create dots by sharing the stuff they love from around the web, or by uploading original content. Share products, videos, DIY inspiration, recipes… you can find it all on StuffDOT. Our vibrant online community is the perfect place to share, discover more of what inspires you, and earn cash for simply doing what you already do online: posting, sharing, and shopping.

How do I “dot” things?

There are 2 ways to create DOTs:

1. Bookmark our “DOT IT!” button. This helps you dot stuff from around the web. It is fast and easy!

2. Click “Dot stuff!” at the top of our homepage. This tool allows you to upload your own content and dot items from the web using a link.

How do I install the “DOT IT!” button?

On the top-right corner of the site, click “About” and scroll and click on “DOT IT! button.”

Instructions are provided, and it is as simple as dragging and dropping the “DOT IT!” button into your bookmarks toolbar. Now you can click the “DOT IT!” button and share what you love from all of your favorite sites! For video instructions click here.

What does it mean to "redot" something?

A “redot” is when you re-post, or dot, an item you find on StuffDOT. You can “redot” the item into your Collections or DotShops to add the item to your profile. (See below to learn more about Collections and DotShops)

Can I edit or remove dots?

You can edit or remove the dots you post by hovering over the dot and clicking the “Edit” button. Be careful when removing dots because they will be permanently removed from your profile. 

What are Collections and Dot Shops?

A Collection is the place to sort and save the things you love. These items can be anything you post and love. Use Collections to keep track of your favorite dots and save them for later. Think of a Collection as a list of your favorite products, ideas, and inspiration. 

A DotShop is a curated group of dots to post on StuffDOT and share around the web. DotShops can contain items from any of our 20,000+ retailers that offer cash back on with StuffDOT. You can earn Cash Back on purchases made by people who click on shop items and make purchases, as well as earn cash back on your own purchases. Dot Shops are a great way to recommend products to friends, curate your favorite looks and trends, and create wishlists of items you wish to purchase.

How do I create a collection?

There are two ways to create a collection.

1.Click on “Dot Stuff!" in the top-right corner of your screen. Then, click on "Create a Collection" and follow the prompts.

2.You can also create a collection while dotting something. Click the "DOT IT!" button on your toolbar and select the image you are posting. After that, select “create a new collection” from the list. Collections may be viewed, categorized, edited, and deleted on your StuffDOT profile page. 

What is “My Cash Back”?

“My Cash Back” is where you keep track of what you have earned with shopping and sharing with StuffDOT. 

How do I know if a dotted item is eligible for Cash Back?

Dots eligible for Cash Back (cashback you earn with StuffDOT) have stickers on the top right corner of the image. Hover your mouse on the sticker to view the Cash Back percentage. 

How do I receive “My Cash Back”?

Dotted items eligible for Cash Back work two ways. First, you earn cash back on dotted items you share on StuffDOT. When you click on a dot and purchase from that retailer, you not only will you receive cash back on the dotted item, but you also receive cash back on your entire purchase. Second, we give credit where it is due. At StuffDOT, you earn a Cash back when one of your dots leads to another user clicking through and making a purchase. We believe in giving credit where it is due. Here at StuffDOT, your style pays. 

How can I redeem my Cash Back?

Your earned Cash back on StuffDOT appear underneath your profile picture on the site. You can easily redeem (and spend!) your Cash Back once you have earned at least $15, and after the 90 day waiting period from becoming a member. 

What does the StuffDOT browser extension do?

The StuffDOT extension works behind the scenes to help you earn Cash Back from any of our 20000+ retailers, without the need to dot an item. The extension also allows you to view the Cash Back percentage for specific retailers and keep track of your Cash Back on-the-go. Install the extension to make sure that you never miss out on a Cash Back. To install the extension, go to the “About” tab and scroll down to “Get Extension”. 

How do I follow other users

StuffDOT makes it simple to follow friends, and share with others. When you view another user’s dot, clicking on their name will direct you to their profile page. From here, you can view and follow specific collections, or simply select “Follow All” to add the user’s posts to your homepage feed. Following and sharing with friends is a great way to show off your style as well as seeing what your friends post.